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The company “BENDONI” was founded in the early 1970s upon the initiative of Mario Bendoni, in Soci, a small village in the municipality of Bibbiena.
At the outset, the business revolved around the general processing of sheet metal for joinery, shop fittings and office furnishings.

At the end of the 1980s, Mario’s son Luca came into the company. Currently the director, he oriented “BENDONI INOX” towards specialising in processing stainless steel sheet metal.

The 1990s marked the beginning of the gradual and constant technological development of the production systems: with CNC punches, innovative bending presses, laser cutting for sheet and tubular metal, robot-operated bending, and IT design, CAD-CAM and production management systems.
With the new millennium the trade horizons have been expanded and through an intense action of penetration in the market the awareness of its brand has been spread in the whole world coming to distribute its products in the 5 continents.

Today “BENDONI INOX Srl” is a professional and experienced company manufacturing stainless steel products and equipment for the food sector. It has a widespread, tried and tested network of agents all over Italy and also has important points of reference in countries both inside and outside Europe.
Our recently renovated and extended HQ is still in Soci, Tuscany, surrounded by the tranquil, green forests of the Casentino area.


We firmly believe that a company’s success rests in the fact that it has achieved its primary objectives, such as improving customer satisfaction, expanding corporate processes, safeguarding workers in terms of the principles of social responsibility, and supporting principles that protect the environment it operates in.

This is why we have always been committed to promoting, developing and supporting constant technological innovation in manufacturing systems in order to boost our production capacity and improve work process quality while safeguarding the health and safety of workers as well as the environment.

We monitor and analyse all of the information we receive from interested parties on product and service quality, environmental management and social responsibility with the aid of proven international management techniques and modern, state-of-the-art IT monitoring devices.
Our staff has been fully trained and instructed in order to both optimise their technical and professional skills and safeguard their health and safety.
We are committed to working with suppliers that share our respect for quality, our belief in safeguarding the environment we work in as well as our principles of social reasonability.