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We make products and equipment in stainless steel. Our products are for use in all processes in the food sector: in restaurants, catering and large-scale retail, for the food industry, confectioners, fish markets, pizzerias, bakers, ice-cream shops, bars, and for handling meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and charcuterie.

Our range of neutral stainless steel products includes: worktables of all kinds and sizes, sinks, taps, washbasins, knife sterilisers, hanging cupboards, cupboards for tableware, cabinets, sectional shelving and brackets, changing-room lockers, extractor hoods, rear counters, trolleys, fish bars, specific product lines for confectioners, pizzerias and meat processing.

The job of our technical office is to design and develop new products and improve existing ones, to look for solutions to the problems we come across, and to come up with efficient, functional and attractive pieces of equipment.

Everything that we produce, from the piece that come out very well to the ones that didn’t turn out as we wanted, is always made with the professionalism, drive and passion that we still put into every day at work and into every single object that we make, even over than 40 years in the business.